It's over.

All the days that we spent,
all the times we talked about our fantasy-land.
I'll never forget the memories we've created,
and the times we thought we had could make it.
It'll stick forever in my memory,
I thought it was forever you and me.
But i guess i was wrong.

 kan zijn dat er wat fouten inzitten. (;

The Boy I'm Searching For ;

Since the day he saw me,
i'm locked up in his memory.
He's thinking about me whole day long,
he wanna hold me, oh so strong.
He would tell me his whole, secret diary,
he would even go through fire for me.
He would wanna rock my tears away with a special song,
so i could sing it all along.
That's the boy i'm searching for,
will you ever walk through that door?

Gemaakt op ; 19/04/08


I'm drowning in your eyes,
so i can forget all my lies.
Without you there's no me,
i love you, can't you see?
It started all with your song,
that i was singing all along.
You talked about some broken love,
about your lovely angel from above.
When i saw you for the first time,
i really wanted you to be mine.
But all my dreams, they've become a truth,
and now i'm laying right next to you.
Now i'm part of this big love-story, i finally
feel free. I can look you in the eyes,
without being told about my lies.
My lies i wish i could erase,
just for saving my own face.
I always wanted to thank you for this,
i wanted to give you my special kiss.
But i think that you're slipping away,
and now my world is fading back to grey

Gemaakt op 15 & 16/04/08

Without a word

Without a word, you can make me smile,
and make me happy for a while.
Without a word, you can make me cry,
then i'll wish for wings, so i could fly.
Fly away, from this strange, unlikely day.
Sometimes with you, sometimes without,
sometimes i really wanna shout.
Without a word, he can say he's there for me,
he can even give me the feeling i'm free.
Free to do whatever i wanna do,
but in my heart, there will only be you.

Gemaakt op 16/04/08